Rame is a fresh new voice in the world of textiles. It is a brand that is focused on bringing the best in Balinese artisan textiles to the world.

IKTOMI was asked to develop a brand strategy and full coordinated visual identity that would position the company as authentic without being tribal-clichéd, and with a fresh and modern perspective. Following an iterative process and a focused research on the heritage of the region, we designed a vibrant and energetic brand to evoke the authentic colours and feel of Bali.



The logo mark was developed to evoke the down-to-earth artisan philosophy of the company. It is an irregular, hand-drawn image that reflects the direct from the artist hand-made nature and selection of the products that the company takes great pains to maintain. A more formal font was selected as a logotype to benchmarks the company to the best of international standards.

The colour palette was furthermore inspired by the full visual impact of Balinese culture and its richness, and the secondary visual language further layered this with a watermark element of traditional sculptures.



Ramé: balance through chaos

We focused our attention on the Indonesian philosophy of Ramai, which brings balance through chaos. The Balinese use the term “ramai”, or “ramé”, to express the noisy, complex, rich, crowded aspect of things that is reflected across their culture. Crowded and layered imagery is thus of central importance and our dynamic visual concept provides the concept’s impetus and strength.

This beautiful imagery was then applied across all client touch-points to create a consistent visual universe that is energetic and exciting.

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