Qasr Al Karam





Qasr al Karam is planned to be amongst the world’s most exclusive luxury hotels and the first and only ”7 star” hotel in Africa.7 starhotel in Africa.

IKTOMI designed the brand identity for the first and only “7 Star” Hotel project development in Africa. Project deliverables included a full naming programme for the Hotel and several restaurants, complete brand design and development, promotional package and an extensive internal signage programme.



Tradition and Opulence

 Our design process started from a detail from an ancient arabesque that was developed into a pattern that became a cornerstone for all interiors.


 The hotel was to become a world-class showcase for the absolute cutting edge in luxury and required a quiet confidence through a sharp, refined and engaging imagery. We ensured that the full richness of the history and culture of the region were evident, without being caught in the trappings of boring traditionalism.


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