Khourian Beer



KhourianBeer is an innovative fashion brand focused on imagining and creating objects through an intensively tactile and handmade approach.

IKTOMI was asked to design a lookbook for the launch of the brand’s first collection ‘Hypsometry’, during the Paris Fashion Week. We wanted to cement a visual representation that fully embraced the anachronism of using ancient methods to create very modern products.




“Hypsometry (from Greek ὕψος, hupsos, “height” and μέτρον, metron, “measure”) is the measurement of land elevation relative to sea level.”

The Lookbook was split into two important halves, a visual campaign for the first and a catalogue for the second. The main source of atmosphere obviously falls in the pictures and our art direction in collaboration with photographer Adrian Geralnik contrasted the intricate rock textures to the beauty of the products to great effect.

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