Joie de Vivre





Joie De Vivre is a digital destination where strategic content is published to build positive brand equity, mind share and a community; the platform is endorsed by it’s parent brand, HBS Realtors. 

IKTOMI was requested to develop a creative concept, visual identity, website and content guideline for Joie De Vivre. Joie De Vivre publishes content on a weekly basis encouraging a mind share around the HBS brand, luxury lifestyle and the Joy of living.




Inspiring stories about the joy of living


The concept of the online platform revolves around the synergy between visual content, narratives and a lifestyle by creating beautiful and inspiring stories from a non-commercial approach. Simplicity is the main concept for the logo design which translates onto the overall Joie De Vivre Site. A Minimal, Modern and Sophisticated design combined with a simple and intuitive experience are the key components of the visual identity platform design.
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