GHI Formwork is an industry leader in the bespoke design, cost-effective manufacture, and timely service of advanced formwork and scaffolding solutions.

IKTOMI was asked to revamp the brand identity for the manufacturing company, without changing their logo but increasing the professionalism of their communications and positioning the firm at the very forefront of a growing and competitive industry.

Rugged professionalism and precise engineering

“What’s nice about concrete is that it looks unfinished.”

– Zaha Hadid

We created a bold visual language that extended far beyond the initial logo and created a layered texture with strong graphic cues and photographic abstractions. This imagery formed from imaginary shapes and concrete, provided a visual reference that represented both the solidity of the company and the inspiration that the team has to be able to create only dreamed of structures.

We developed a promotional set of coordinated print products in a flexible and functional system of communication. This involved a main catalogue including all product functions and a family of product specific brochures. Whereas the catalogue was functional in structure, designed primarily for flexibility in adaptation, future usage and clear communication, the brochures communicated more fluidly with the reader, explaining the benefits of the products in detail.

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