GAJ – Godwin Austen Johnson is the largest and most established UK architectural and interior design office based within the UAE.

IKTOMI was asked to update the GAJ brand through a logo evolution and the development of a full coordinated system to apply the new identity to all internal and external communications and promotional material.




“Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change,
but in the dialectic between the two.”

– Octavio Paz

After modernizing the logo and cleaning up the visual hierarchy we focused on creating a strong visual identity through the use of a custom pattern. This secondary visual element would create the backbone of all communication aesthetics.

GAJ is famous for its dialectic of modern and traditional styles in its architecture projects and we managed to evoke that balance.



A consistent brand expression

We applied the minimal and modern aesthetic to a complete and exhaustive Brand Manual, detailing the complete GAJ brand system and all the visual elements of the GAJ identity across every single touchpoint.

An extensive set of guidelines was formulated to ensure that anyone could easily create communication material for GAJ to a consistently high standard.

The brand manual include all the necessary key elements to develop consistently the brand expression through all the different fields including internal and external communications, promotion and digital presence.



One language for all communications

With a history spanning more than 100 years, GAJ has a wide history from which to create a set of communications. The challenge here was in developing a strong voice that would highlight the projects, and visual register that would coordinate one main catalogue, with a set of specific brochures dedicated to the practices of Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering.

We created a consistent language that created a family set, and developed a truly effective tool for promotions. The neutral-minimal style of the layout made sure it blended with every of the vast range of projects and project styles created by GAJ.

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