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Tennders is Europe’s leading SaaS-driven online marketplace for freight logistics management, connecting carriers and fleet companies worldwide.

Tennders engaged Iktomi to create an MVP and convert their traditional operation lifecycle to a new digital platform. Collaborating closely with Tennders’ strategists, operations  and marketing teams, Iktomi defined the product’s digital scope and designed all user interactions, from sign-up to deal closure and transaction completion.

Overcoming Roadblocks in European Transport

The European road logistics industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years, impeding its modernization efforts. Economic slowdowns, driver shortages, and regulatory complexities are among the primary obstacles.

Companies like Tennders strive to overcome these barriers and transform a fragmented, outdated market, aiming for a significant industry shift.

To address these challenges directly, Tennders developed an extensive platform that enables shippers and carriers to connect, negotiate, and close deals. Iktomi was brought in to design a comprehensive UX journey, considering the diverse roles and expectations of various user types.

Building an MVP

The initial phase of the project focused on understanding and defining the product, laying the foundation for developing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as the first step in Tennders’ digital transformation journey.

Our team conducted thorough research, analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data to uncover insights into the needs of Tennders’ target audience. Based on this research, Iktomi developed detailed user personas representing different market segments. These personas formed the basis for mapping out unique user journeys tailored to each user type.

With a clear understanding of users’ needs and behaviors, Tennders and Iktomi designed a navigable low-fi prototype. This prototype served as a crucial tool, enabling us to advance through the project’s various phases with precision and confidence.

An iterative process

In subsequent phases, Tennders invited a select group of loyal clients to use the new tool and provide feedback. New functionalities were implemented and tested with real users and data to identify and resolve edge cases. Iktomi also trained Tennders’ internal management team to conduct user interviews and analyze client feedback.

This initiative was crucial in refining various processes within the platform. By leveraging the prototype, real users tested the platform, offering valuable insights that helped fine-tune interactions such as negotiation, error handling, and notification systems.

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