After 70+ years of perfecting the art and science of handcrafting sustainable recycled cotton fiber, Recover is on a mission to help create a sustainable future by solving one of the world’s biggest environmental issues.

IKTOMI was tasked to position Recover as a truly modern, professional, and sustainable company and ensure that the public is informed and learns what circular fashion entails and means.


A true story about sustainability

Recover offers a scale solution to transform textile waste into low-impact, high-quality sustainable recycled fiber.

An important requirement for the Recover website was to display the information in a storytelling structure while avoiding the typical “greenwashing” look and feel that many websites adopt these days.

With this in mind, we created a “sleek-teck” design concept that is based on an animated central line, that drives users through the content and encourages reading and interacting with the various segments of the website.




Through storytelling and interactive features, the website conveys information in a more direct, simpler, and engaging way.

We take the visitor through the Recover journey, from past to present, and showcase the processes that underpin circular fashion, as well as the manifold environmental and economic benefits of recycled textiles.

Among the interactive features, an environmental savings calculator lets users understand through simple facts and figures the benefits and the direct impact of using Recover fibers.

What our client says about us

“General feedback from our team + industry was very positive. Overall the website met our expectations and is easily manageable through our new CMS. We maintained a strong relationship with Iktomi and will keep working with them for future web updates and improvements.

In terms of metrics, we started with marketing campaigns cross-channels when we launched the new website. In the first month, the number of content views grew 209% and time on site 58%.”

Cyril Coudrain
Digital Marketing Manager at Recover

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