My Pick One Studio




Mypickone Studio Design is an interior design office specialized in providing turnkey design solutions for high-end residential and commercial projects.

IKTOMI was asked to create a fresh new brand and a coordinated visual identity that would distinguish Mypickone in the field.


We created a clean and minimal style with a unique hit of green in the logo to highlight and match the philosophy and visual style of the studio. The company’s designs exude a clean and elegant minimalism, but always with a certain element of surprise, a visual feature that contrasts with the general theme to accentuate the elegance.

The angles and perspectives of the identity, and the contrasts of the grey with the lime green provide a unique visual identity that sets it apart from many of the interior designers working in the Middle East. This visual language was then applied to all promotional material and presentation templates, giving the client an essential toolkit to pitch for and to present their projects to the highest and most exacting standard.

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