JLL is one of the world’s largest financial and professional services firm specialising in commercial real estate services and investment management.

Iktomi was asked to assist in the design of a capabilities presentation for JLL. Initially the project request involved creating a Powerpoint presentation that the various units within the company could utilize. However, rather than simply undertake what the client wanted, we dug deeper and got to the root of what they needed, to develop a unique solution that fulfilled all their requested desires and more.



A new promotional tool

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.”

– Edward Gibbon

We created an innovative and interactive portfolio application with a strong and attractive infographic interface allowing multiple different departments to use the same tool to communicate clearly and effectively.

The tool enabled the marketing department to keep control of the latest version of the document ensuring that all teams were coordinated and up to date.





The visual concept was based on functionality and efficiency, taking some elements of the JLL corporate brand guidelines, but overall overhauling them to create a communication tool superior to the more ‘corporate’ brochures.

We developed a unique infographic style and iconography that eventually was incorporated into the JLL brand language.



Project Development

We have developed a strong relationship with JLL, initially providing graphic design services for the creation of high quality brochures and VIP books and sales collateral, and growing to also designing the key environmental graphics for their office in collaboration with Pallavi Dean Interiors.

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