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Iktomi created an innovative experience for a sports and fitness app in the UAE, helping citizens to stay active and practice sports in groups.

Fitfind is an app created for the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention to help you live a healthier life. It lets you explore your surroundings and beyond by finding free sports areas in the city. You can also connect with motivated people, engage, and challenge each other.

IKTOMI led the project from start to finish, handling everything from conception to design and development, including naming and branding.




Encouraging active lifestyle

Fitfind is an app created for the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention that helps users discover free workout locations in the UAE. Search, find, share and start a workout in any free public facility. Fitfind encourage users to turn it up a notch by challenging friends to one or more activity.

The app allows users to beat their records or that of others, enjoy the outdoors, connect with members of the community and form lasting relationships that encourage to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Fitfind ultimately helps lead a healthier life and provides with options to explore surrounding and beyond.

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