Who we are

Iktomi is a boutique branding, design and digital firm founded in 2011 by Alessandro Zanchetta and Nader Sobhan, two international professionals with experience across multiple continents and differing but complementary backgrounds.

Our teams are based in Dubai and Barcelona, growing carefully and deliberately and working with international clients across the globe in multiple disciplines.


What's in a name?

In Native-American Lakota tribe mythology, Iktomi is a shape-shifting spider god of mischief, a patron of communication and technology that invented language and gave it to people.

There is a prophecy that states that Iktomi would one day return to weave his web over the world, and this has been interpreted by contemporary Native Americans as to have already occurred through the rise of the Internet.

As visual, digital and experiential storytellers we see ourselves reflected in this creative, shape-shifting, trickster spirit.

Alessandro Zanchetta

Co-founder & Creative Director

Alessandro is a creative director
with over 10 years of international
experience. He holds a degree
from the IUAV (Venezia, It), he has
also studied at L'Ecole Nationale
Supérieure La Villette (Paris, Fr) and
he holds a Masters Degree in Digital
Arts from IUA-UPF (Barcelona, Es).
He has extensive experience in
branding and visual design.

Nader Sobhan


Nader is an emerging media
specialist and business strategist
with degrees from Yale University
and an MBA from INSEAD.
He has extensive experience in
digital products and broadcast
entertainment and has built up
significant international experience
in Europe and the Middle East.